3 Highlights From the Week

1. I am thrilled that NBA Coaches are taking a stand for racial justice!  During a video conference with reporters, Greg Popovich highlighted gross injustices done to black people in America that have not been taught in schools.  It was great to see the coach use his platform to educate and inspire change.  You can read the story from USA Today here.

Greg Popovich Racial Justice

2. There is a free 5 day tiny habits challenge available from BJ Fogg.  He runs the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford.  I am excited to learn more as I participate in this challenge next week.  Here is the link to join if you are interested. 

Tiny Habits 5 Day Challenge

3. I am part of a great group of supportive coaches on coach.me who share materials with each other. Today I was reminded of the importance sleep, nutrition, and exercise play in controlling your energy level. Read more about it here.

Energy Requires Action by Josh Everett

I highly recommend coach.me for its free habit tracking as well as for finding coaches to help you master habits.

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