The Week In Quotes: August 2 – 8

I hope you enjoy these quotes and take time to think about what they mean to you. I provided questions as prompts to help you think and inspire you to action.

Sunday 8/2/20

Who do you want to become? What actions can you start taking now to get there?

Monday 8/3/20

What can you persist at today to get you one step closer to success?

Tuesday 8/4/20

What is something you hope to change? What is something you hope remains the way it is?

Wednesday 8/5/20

What can you take time to celebrate today? What is something you are grateful for?

Thursday 8/6/20

What knowledge or skills can you acquire to increase your earnings?

Friday 8/7/20

What is a small habit you can start or continue that will have a big impact over time?

Saturday 8/8/20

What can you do today to build your confidence?

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