The LASR Method

The LASR Method is a foundation of We all have an amazing ability to reinvent and create ourselves by adding knowledge and skills. We just need to follow these steps – Learn, Apply, Succeed, and Repeat.


The first thing we need to decide is what we want to learn. What do we want to accomplish? Is it a skill we need to accomplish a personal goal, advance our career, or improve our relationships? Once we decide what we want to learn, we can use the Internet to find out more about it. We might discover books and articles, audio books, podcasts, and/or videos to help us learn our new skill.


Learning it is not enough, we must apply it. Learning a new skill or idea is great, but it will not help us grow and improve our lives unless we use it. When learning about something new, I recommend taking notes on your WOWs and NBAs. Your WOWs are what you will do within one week and your NBAs are your next best actions. These will help us apply our learnings to improve our lives.


Success is a choice and we choose to succeed by learning something new and applying it to our lives. Even if it doesn’t work the way we hoped, we will gain valuable feedback that will help us in the future.

Thomas Edison on inventing the lightbulb.

“I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


The final thing is to repeat the process. As lifelong learners we know that our learning is never over and there is always room to grow and improve.

Lifelong Learning Coach

Learn, Apply, Succeed, Repeat

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